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Who Created Smash & Grab

Klingshield Created “Smash & Grab” 

Klingshield started its operation in the window film business in the early 70’s. At the time there were no major players in the market. These were very difficult times as Klingshield had to create an advertising awareness campaign as to the value window film has for consumers.
Our first exercise was to try and capture the commercial safety film market as this market had great potential due to the political atmosphere at that time.
Many promotions and demonstrations to top security personnel within the country were carried out with the use of gelignite explosives, Molotov cocktails, smash and grab, stoning.
Prior to the new South African market opening, safety film was only manufactured in a ,05mm film to hold glass together in bomb blast situations. However, Klingshield challenged manufacturers to make a thicker film due to the type of attacks we were experiencing in our environment.
It was also a challenge to Klingshield to perfect the installation of thick safety films as the thicker the film gets the harder the installation becomes. Manufacturers focused on these new films for the South African market exclusively and Klingshield was the first company to market and promote this next generation safety film.
Many years later, Klingshield also perfected the installation of thick smash and grab safety film for the car market. In the beginning, creating awareness for film to be applied to motor cars was very, very difficult and Klingshield spent huge amounts of money to create awareness of the importance of keeping a car cool and comfortable.
Klingshield pioneered window tinting to its fullest with branches all over the country before any other companies. We were the exclusive installers of auto tinting.
After applying tint to cars, Klingshield developed the smash and grab market due to the political climate at the time. Through our academy hundreds of people were trained on how to install thick films on to motor car windows. These installers are still to this day utilised by all companies to install safety window films on to cars.
Today numerous companies profit from this industry created by Klingshield and because of the good marketing and educational job done by Klingshield, 80% of cars sold in the South African market have “smash and grab” safety film applied throughout the country.
smash and grab
Certain tests were also conducted by Klingshield in conjunction with the South African Bureau of Standards. Some of these tests included impact tests, scratch resistant testing and weathering tests.
Today the window film market should be grateful to Klingshield for creating this business. Klingshield originated the trade name “Smash and Grab”, which is now synonymous with safety film on cars. Major manufacturers today like BMW, have safety film applied to car windows at their plant. Toyota South Africa have taken advantage of the performance of safety film and now recognise it as the most important after market product within South Africa.
Car dealers throughout the country promote the benefits of shatterproofing windows with safety film as well as the advantage of keeping cars cooler. New safety solar window films also reject 99% of the danger ultra violet radiation as well as reduce the glare for day and night time driving.
Klingshield also pioneered the commercial and residential market and now have other new innovative products that are in education phases and will one day become huge aftermarket products benefitting numerous companies and creating jobs throughout our industry.
For further information on all our latest products as well as smash and grab safety film please view our website.