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Regulations of Window Tinting in South Africa

Regulations of Window Tinting in South Africa

Regulations were gazetted for window tinting film for motor vehicles in the early 90’s. After SABS testing it was decided that window film is a necessity and regulations on light densities were gazetted.

  • A 35% visible light transmission is allowed on all windows of vehicles, other than front windscreens.
  • Front windscreens allow for a 70% visible light transmission, also as gazetted.

“We waited for these regulations for over 15 years” said Leon Levy, CEO of Klingshield SA cc. "We were responsible in working with the SABS in demonstrating to them the value of safety film on car windows". Investigations into window tinting were in progress for years. Authorities were concerned about the driving dangers presented by excessively tinted windows and the security problems with traffic officers and policemen when checking vehicles.

“We are very happy because the first 15 years before the gazette, we advised motorists that they should not have windows less than 35% light transmission". What this also means is that anybody with darker tint of film, will have to remove it from their vehicle as per the gazette.” Levy said the regulations have moved all uncertainty from the window tinting business and puts the industry on a concrete floor. Window tinters throughout South Africa need to realise the hard work that went into laying a foundation for this industry and the millions of rands invested in promoting solar smash and grab window tinting for cars.


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Car window films significantly reduce the sun’s glare, improving driver and passenger comfort and also creating safer driving in direct sunlight. The films also reject up to 99% of the sun’s ultra violet rays, protecting upholstery and plastic in the car and helping maintain the vehicle’s value.

Levy said studies have shown that window film helps reduce glass injuries during accidents because the film holds windows together. It is also clear from these studies that window film reduces driver fatigue and increases attention span.

In brief, the window film not only protects the owner of the car, but contributes to more comfort and as a result, safer driving.

Klingshield's car treatment centre, which specialises in window fim and tinting,is situated at 33 Durham Street Sandrigham Johannesburg.We also have approved fitment centres throughout South Africa


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