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Grey/Charcoal 5 Non Reflective Film

Grey/Charcoal 5 Non Reflective Window Film

5% Non Reflective film is the darkest window film available in the market place. This product is utilised in areas where one needs maximum glare rejection but at the same time requires visibility to the outside.
Non reflective films are dyed films which have been dipped and the colour infused in the film to create a tinted non reflective look. Most window film manufacturers utilise the dyeing technology to colour the film. Some manufacturers come up with cheaper and easier methods of manufacturing dyed films, by incorporating the colour into the adhesive. These products have got short lives and are normally sold as cheap “do it yourself” products in car spare shops.

Consumers would not know the difference. However, Klingshield with its testing stations, test all products prior to distribution and can assure its customers that only dyed films are utilised in the Klingshield range of films.

Grey/Charcoal 5 non reflective cuts out 95% of the glare, only allowing in 5% of the visible light. This is ideal for projection rooms or computer rooms where glare plays havoc with reflections on screens. Under normal circumstances computer rooms have ample artificial light and should the glare be cut by 95% this does not create a problem.

This is an excellent privacy product also chosen by security companies for guard rooms as one can still see out day and night. A normal reflective film would not allow one to see out at night and this is the reason why security companies choose the dark non reflective films. It also offers excellent privacy from the exterior due to its dark tint. These dark tints also block 99% ultra violet radiation, offering excellent resistance to fabric and furniture fadings. 5% non reflective films reject 45% of the total solar energy helping to reduce cooling loads and airconditioning costs.

Klingshields dark 5% non reflective films come with a pressure sensitive adhesion which will improve the safety of the glass should it be broken.

Specification and Performance Data for 5% Non Reflective Pressure Sensitive Scratch Resistant Film

  • Percentage of total solar transmitted 39%
  • Percentage of total solar reflectance 7%
  • Percentage of total solar absorption 54%
  • Percentage of visible light transmitted 5%
  • Percentage of visible light reflectance 5%
  • Winter U Value 1.15
  • Percentage of Ultra Violet Transmission Less than 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .63
  • Percentage of total solar energy rejected 45%

In conclusion, all Klingshield’s non reflective window films come with scratch resistant coatings and should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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