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Benefits of Window Films

What are the benefits of Klingshield 's Window Film?

New generation window films offer amazing benefits to consumers. Today’s window films have improved tremendously over the past 40 years and the finished products are almost as good as solar glass or tinted glass. Window film improves the aesthetics and enhances any building while increasing the indoor comfort as well as shatterproof the glass.

Air conditioning and heating costs are reduced because of the insulation properties the film offers once it has been applied to windows . The savings in energy costs is equivalent to millions of barrels of oil every day as solar control window films are one of the most effective and economical methods of controlling this energy loss by increasing indoor comfort.

Glass windows are notorious as energy wasters and designers and Architects can justify the expense by the saving in energy and also the reduction of fading due the 99% of ultraviolet the film blocks.

Blinds and shutter are attractive, but hide the beauty of windows and darken rooms when closed. These types of window coverings block the outside view. Curtains, whilst adding design appeal to a room, don't help in controlling energy gain and loss. Sun control window film alone offers protection from the sun while maintaining the full appeal of the unobstructed window view.

Klingshield energy control window films increase comfort throughout the year by creating a stabilising temperature indoors throughout the year, as well as reducing the energy costs and consumption by cutting heat gain, protecting fabrics and furnishings and reducing glare creating glare free spaces.

Klingshield continues decade after decade to lead the industry in technology improvements and in sales and service in the South African market place. The Klingshield website contains a variety of different films for professional installations. To help consumers understand and assist them in choosing the correct film to suit the spaces, a call centre is available as well as detailed explanations on the full range of films available can be viewed on the articles pages of our comprehensive website of over 350 pages

Also available to the consumer is a visualiser, demonstrating the different colours and light densities from inside and outside, showing the effect of the different window film products on buildings as well as on cars.

A computer programme which can analyze the saving in energy costs for large buildings is also available through our service centre. A Klingshield consultant can assist in the determination of what facts will be required to do the analytic calculations.

Full technical data sheets measured in accordance with the Association of International MetallizersCoaters and Laminators are available direct from the Klingshield head office.

When having a installation by Klingshield the product and installation carry a warranty against peeling, cracking, demetallizing, delimitation and adhesive failure. Films are warranted for periods ranging from three to ten years depending on the product chosen.

Tough scratch resistant coating allows the films to be easily installed and maintained.


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