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Smash and Grab Prices

Smash & Grab Tint Prices 

When shopping around for Smash and Grab pricing there are various factors to consider.  

Make sure you select the appropriate vehicle type as pricing differs depending on the size and make of your car and amount of glass in the vehicle.

We always recommend you contact our friendly team to assist with all queries as nothing beats speaking to a pro.


Smash & Grab Price List



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Why Klingshield

Klingshield are the inventors of Smash & Grab Safety Protection in South Africa and around the world. We were the first company to offer safety film and window tinting in South Africa and we have been in business for almost 5 decades, established in 1970.

Our Smash and Grab film is 150 micron thick which provides your glass windows with an ultra thick barrier of protection.


Smash and Grab


Smash & Grab Applications

We provide the following types of Smash and Grab Solutions:

  • Side & Rear Windows
  • Front Windscreen 
  • All Vehicle Windows


Types of Smash and Grab Tint

  • Clear See Through Tint
  • Light Tint
  • Medium Tint
  • Dark Tint


Types of Guarantee

We provide you with a lifetime warranty on our window films and installation workmanship.

Since our Klingshield Window Films are made in the USA and installed in a dust free fitment centre, we guarantee an installation free from scratches and bubbles.


How Safe Are You


Smash and Grab Professionals

Our team have decades of experience, we work with leading car brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Kia, Hyundai, BMW, Nissan, Audi, Suzuki to name a few. We have been trained to work on the most expensive motor vehicles and our company have comprehensive insurance to protect you and your vehicle.


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