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Silver Translucent Matte Film

Silver Translucent Window Film

A silver translucent matte film is a combination of a Silver 20 reflective film laminated to a white translucent film.This offers a silver reflection when viewed from the outside and white translucent when viewed from the inside. This silver translucent film is always applied on the inside of the glass and is utilised by designers and architects who require maximum heat rejection as well as maximum light penetration coming into the room.

The benefit of this film is that it will give you night time and daytime privacy. Silver translucent film has an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesion which holds the glass together should the window be smashed.

This film is an excellent choice for waiting rooms, reception areas, medical facilities, bathroom windows and security areas where the consumer requires maximum heat rejection of 79% plus privacy and also allowing for maximum light to penetrate into the room.


Specifications for Silver Translucent Matte Window Film

  • Heat rejection 79%
  • Glare rejection 84%
  • Ultra violet rejection 99%
  • Shading co-efficient 1.05
  • Light transmitted 16%
  • Solar Absorption 30%
  • Benefits of Silver Translucent Matte Window Film
  • Gives total privacy day and night
  • Excellent heat rejection
  • Excellent glare rejection to reduce reflections on computer monitors and TV screens.
  • Reflective silver look from exterior
  • Gives soft white appearance internally.
  • Strengthens glass for added safety
  • Interior film for interior design work

This film can be applied to clear float glass, laminated, tinted float glass, toughened or wired glass. However, on wire glass samples must be applied to ensure that the film adheres to the smooth surface of wire glass. Sometimes glaziers install wire glass with the rough surface on the inside. This film will not adhere to rough surfaces of wire glass.

Silver translucent film has a seven year interior application warranty and is not recommended for exterior applications.