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Grey 15 Reflective Window Film

Grey 15 Reflective Pressure Sensitive Scratch Resistant Window Film

Grey 15 reflective window film is very popular in commercial buildings which have clear float glass, due to its performance in glare and heat reduction. This product is not recommended for laminated or tinted glass due to its high absorption factor.

For residential applications we do not recommend this film as it makes rooms too dark. However, in commercial applications this is not a problem due to the fact that businesses have lights on during the day.

Grey 15 reflective pressure sensitive scratch resistant window film is very popular in computer rooms as it blocks out 93% of the glare, almost eliminating reflections on computer screens.

This film offers excellent daytime privacy as from the outside it has a grey reflective finish and from the inside it has a medium blue tint. The film has a tough scratch resistant surface and the pressure sensitive adhesion is distortion free.

Grey 15 reflective has a 74% total solar energy reduction, which will create cooler interior temperatures and conserve energy. Once applied to your windows this film will reduce the need for airconditioning and therefore save money on electricity bills. It also blocks 99% of ultra violet radiation, protecting your office furnishings.

Grey 15 reflective pressure sensitive scratch resistant window film performance data

  • Total solar energy transmitted 9%
  • Total solar energy reflectance 30%
  • Total solar energy absorption 61%
  • Visible light transmitted 7%
  • Visible light reflected 13%
  • Winter UV value 1.04
  • Ultra violet transmittance Less than 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .29
  • Total solar energy rejected 74%

Please note that if glass in a building has a history of cracking we do not recommend this film as it’s absorption rate is too high.

For further information on Grey 15 reflective film please contact us.