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Solar Safety Glass Films

Covering the World with Solar Safety Glass Treatment Films

Almost every day we receive news via the media or internet of some kind of havoc taking place somewhere in the world, i.e. terrorist explosions, industrial explosions, political upheaval, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, etc. Windows are smashed and flying glass is the result causing injury to humans as well as destroying property. These events have become part of life and with today’s communication, have highlighted the need for safety films to be applied to shopfront, building and home windows.

Window Film Protection


In a bomb explosion it is not the bomb itself that causes damage to property and life, but rather the shattered glass flying at hundreds of miles per hour lacerating everything in its path, including humans. In natural disasters, one finds windows to be the most vulnerable component of any building structure. In most criminal attacks or rioting situations, glass is always the target as it creates access for looting when destroyed.

Klingshield the window film company who specialise in solar safety films, offer the world’s leading glass treatment window films. These films were first manufactured in the 70’s and have proved themselves over years in real life situations to be the most effective way of reinforcing ordinary glass to minimise the dangers and loss experienced.


We stand a chance


Klingshield safety solar glass treatment films are suitable for new construction as well as for retro fits on existing buildings.

Klingshield’s range of solar safety window film products.

Klingshield distributes and installs a broad range of professional grade solar safety and security products to meet numerous safety requirements and testing procedures and has become an almost standard installation throughout the world in commercial buildings, government facilities, residential structures, retail stores and embassies.

Front Window


Clear Safety Film

Clear safety film is available in a wide selection ranging in thicknesses from a 50 micron to a 300 micron. All clear films in various thicknesses have scratch resistant coatings and provide 99% of ultra violet rejection, reducing fading of fabrics and furnishings.

High Performance Solar Safety Film

Our high performance safety film is available in 100 micron, 150 micron and 200 micron, which includes a layer of either dyed film or metallised film to provide excellent safety features as well as solar heat and glare rejection properties.

New Ceramic Safety Solar Films

Our new Ceramic safety solar films are top of the range in solar safety window films. Instead of dying or metallising the film, the colour is created by the metal alloys which are applied to the film through an advanced film manufacturing process. This product offers excellent heat rejection, very good colour stability that will never deteriorate, as well as giving a light appearance from the inside.

All these films are laminated with a specially designed adhesive which is optically clear and formulated to hold glass and film together should the glass be shattered for any reason.

Product Testing

  • Solar safety film conforms to and has been tested to the following International Standards:
  • ANSI Z97.1.1984 (1/4” Tempered Glass)
  • ANSI Z97.1.1994 (1/4” Annealed Glass)
  • ANSI Z97.1.1984 (1/8” Annealed Glass)
  • British Standard BS 6206:1981 Category C & B
  • Structural Performance ASTM E-330
  • Impact Test After Aging – ANSI Z97.1.1984
  • ASTM E84 – 9Aa-Fire-Propagation Test
  • British Fire Propagation Test – BS476 Part 6
  • ANSI Z97.1 Adhesion/Tensile Strength
  • ASTMD3330 Peel Strength

It has been endorsed by the US Department of State and Army Corp. of Engineers and is in use by the governments and embassies world wide.


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Product Benefits

  • Protection of life and property from natural disasters
  • Protection of life and property from industrial explosions or terrorist bombings
  • Protection of property from crime and vandalism
  • Additional benefits of Solar/Safety Films are :
  • Energy savings
  • Comfort
  • Protection of interior furnishings from harmful ultra violet rays
  • Glass treatment films require no maintenance

Shatterproof Your Windows