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About Klingshield




Klingshield has been synonomous with quality, service, protection and personal protection for over 38 years. We strive to remain with the world leaders in window film offering the latest film technology, high quality products to solve all window related problems.


While all glass lends to the natural beauty of offices, homes and cars, this very same glazing can offer very distinct disadvantages. Read what our customers have said about our company, window film products and window tinting service.


Innovative Products


Almost 5 decades in the Window Film Business

Klingshield’s installation personnel are highly trained with many years of experience. They have excellent technical knowledge and are committed to installation excellence.

1976 when Klingshield opened for business


  • Treat your vehicle to Klingshield’s auto tint, you won’t find a better product under the sun.
  • Turn your windows into shatterproof glass.
  • Cut out over 80% of the heat getting through your windows – and keep your cool inside.
  • Drastically reduce glare and that means safer and more comfortable driving for you and your passengers.
  • Stops over 99% of harmful UV rays and that protects you, your passenger and your interior.
  • Takes the pressure off your airconditioning and that can save you money.
  • Increases privacy and that means greater security for you and your valuables.
  • Improves the look of your car and that will make you feel good.
  • Help improve your car’s resale value and that is money in the bank.


Accidents happen no matter where you are. Glass is always a high risk area. Children especially, are attracted to windows and glass doors because they can see outside, but now you can keep all those benefits of glass however and remove the risk.

Safety film helps stop broken glass from shattering under all circumstances.
South Africa is the best place to live in the world, but unfortunately crime is on the increase. Hundreds of burglaries occur every day. Thick safety film is your 24 hour protection and can be clear, tinted or reflective, as you wish.


Sunshine and spectacular views are South Africa’s pride and joy. To enjoy them more we favour bigger windows and glass panels in our offices, homes and even cars.
The trouble is, heat, glare and UV enter the windows causing havoc and discomfort.
Reflective solar film is easily applied to glass and is affordable and an energy efficient solution.
Reflective Film :
  • Cuts heat by up to 80%
  • Reduces glare dramatically
  • Blocks out 99% of UV
  • Turns ordinary glass into safety glass
  • Energy efficient by reducing air conditioning costs
  • Protects carpets and furniture from fading    


Home owners and business executives favour décor to enable them to express their individual style, while obtaining privacy. We want our homes and offices to be an extension of our personal values and tastes. Sandblast privacy film gives people peace of mind without the loss of sunlight.
Klingshield Services


We have the widest range of window films in the market today. Ranging from clear to tinted, reflective, semi-reflective and ceramic finishes. Our films are suited to most conditions.


Our in-house clean room tinting areas are state of the art, ideal to provide the perfect bubble-free installation.


Klingshield’s mobile installation teams are trained to work with minimal disruption to the client’s work schedule or daily routine and when the job is done there is no mess left behind.

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Your home and office can be a death trap. All injuries caused by glass happen to children, adults and even animals. Glass can be a killer. Avoid this problem by installing Klingshield safety film to all hazardous glass areas.


During the summer months the heat beats down on skylights and roof lights, creating intolerable heat conditions and playing havoc with glare on TV screens. Generally people feel best at temperatures around 21 deg c. The more the temperature rises, the more uncomfortable we feel. By applying Klingshield reflective films to problem areas, temperatures are reduced to more acceptable levels.


Modern computerized cutting systems can be programmed to cut these films into an endless variety of patterns, from basic shape to scanned logos and texts.

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