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Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab 

Smash and Grab protection for your car windows by Klingshield is essential to protect against a smash and grab attack if you are driving and in living in South Africa.

At any moment, any time, your windows can shatter, whether the cause is from a disaster or just a general smash and grab attack.

Stop Smash and Grab


Klingshield’s Smash and Grab window protection ultra thick 150 micron window filem protection offers complete peace of mind and safety for you and your family.

Once applied to the glass windows of your car, you have an ultra thick layer facing you and protecting you from any flying glass or any object coming through the windows.

It is not surprising that Klingshield on vehicle windows is the number one after market product in South Africa today.


Smash & Grab Protection Benefits from Klingshield

  • Available in a Combination of Tints - Light, Medium or Dark.
  • Keeps Day and Night Time Glare out- giving you a glare free drive experience.
  • Tested by the South African Bureau of Standards for Optical Clarify, Impact and Scratch Resistant coatings
  • Klingshield Smash & Grab Films are Made in the USA
  • Installed in our Own Fitment Centres, in a clean room environment to give you a dust free and bubble free installation.



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Types of Smash & Grab Protection


What is the meaning of Smash and Grab?

Smash and Grab is a type of robbery where someone breaks into a car, store, etc., and quickly steals whatever they can.

What is smash and grab in a car?

In an accident situation, Smash and Grab Film holds broken glass in place and shields occupants from dangerous flying glass shards and intruding debris.

What is a smash and grab in South Africa?

Smash and grab incidents are an unfortunate reality in South Africa. These crimes involve breaking the windows of occupied vehicles to quickly steal valuables. Victims often experience shock, injury, and trauma, which are made worse by the cost of replacing stolen items.

Who does Smash and Grab?

Klingshield are the inventors of Smash & Grab Safety Protection in South Africa and around the world. We were the first company to offer safety film and window tinting in South Africa and we have been in business for almost 5 decades, established in 1970.

Is Smash and Grab bulletproof?

Even though it is not completely bulletproof, it does offer a higher level of resistance compared to regular glass. When hit by a bullet, the glass will still shatter, posing a serious risk. However, Smash & Grab tint won't prevent a bullet from penetrating the glass, but it will decrease the likelihood of shattering.

What are the tips for smash and grab?

Remember to install Klingshield Smash and Grab window film on your car windows. Also, always ensure that you lock all your doors and close the windows when driving. Never open vehicle windows or doors for strangers. Avoid opening your windows or getting involved in discussions with street vendors or anyone handing out flyers. Constantly be on the lookout for suspicious-looking characters.


Why Klingshield Smash & Grab?


  • Exceptional Smash and Grab Pricing
  • Reduces heat and keeps the interior of the car cooler and more comfortable with Smash & Grab Tint Shades
  • Reduces the use of air-conditioning which in turn saves on petrol consumption.
  • Reduces glare- Make day and night time driving glare free.
  • Stop 99% of the ultra violet light- the main cause of interiors fading and deteriorating.