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Matt Black Block out Window Film

Matt Black Block out Window Film

Numerous applications call for a complete black-out of windows due to various reasons. In some circumstances consumers have partitions behind glass or brick work behind glass and require to completely block out these surfaces as they create an unappealing look.

Black out is also used by companies and in homes where projection areas or presentation rooms require complete darkness. Black out is a polyester film which is designed also for areas with severe glare problems or computer rooms that have excess reflections on their screens. Black out gives you 100% daytime and night time privacy and reduces 100% of ultra violet light coming through the window.

Black out window film is guaranteed by manufacturer for seven years on internal applications and ten years on internal partitions. Please note that this film should not be applied to the exterior as there is no warranty. If applied externally it will break down very quickly.

Should a matt black film be required for block out on the exterior, we recommend a cast vinyl which is designed for exterior applications. These vinyl films are utilised on car wraps, as well as for signage on aeroplanes and have a 7 year exterior warranty.

For further information on vinyl films, please discuss with our call centre.

Specifications on matt black block out film:

  • Heat rejection 72%
  • Glare rejection 100%
  • Ultra Violet rejection 99%
  • Shading co-efficient 0.32
  • Visible light transmitted 0%
  • U Value 6.19%
  • Benefits:
  • Designed for areas with severe glare problem
  • Ideal for computer areas
  • Excellent daytime privacy
  • Excellent fade resistance
  • World’s toughest scratch resistant surface
  • Clear distortion free adhesive

Black out film can be applied to clear float glass as well as laminated glass and toughened glass. It is not recommended for wire glass as well as tinted float glass or tinted laminated glass. It has a seven year interior warranty. However it should not be used externally.

For more information please contact us