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Glass Whiteboards

A canvas for your best ideas, more than just glass boards.

Klingshield brings you a modern version of the traditional whiteboard – minimalist, wall-mounted glass writing surfaces for the everyday brainstorming space.


  • Way slicker than old school whiteboards
  • Easy to clean with ordinary glass cleaner
  • Never gets tired
  • Inspires collaboration, inspiration and sharing of ideas
  • Turns any unused space into a hub of solutions
  • Used by leading organisations worldwide
  • Take a picture with your smartphone for record purposes
  • Elegant look and feel


Visit our Online Store

Our company produces custom made glass whiteboards in a range of colours and sizes. Browse our range online- select the size and colour best suited to your specific needs. We provide DIY and professional installation options- we also ship South Africa wide.


We would love to assist over the phone to discuss your needs or just drop us a note with your specific questions- our friendly team will assist with placement, use-case and other pricing advice.


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Example Of Our Work


Klingshield Glass Whiteboard