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Glass Mate Window Film


A range of decorative window films called the ''glass mate series ''has been launched by Klingshield for brightening up nearly any glass area in a home, office, or particularly shops.

It can even be used on pieces of furnishing or shopfittings where the design has glass as a feature. The glass mate series has embossed sand blasted patterns and stained glass effects in numerous designs and patterns, including a wide range which gives a visual look similar to that of glass edging or sandblasting.

It is one of the most exciting range of films we have been given the opportunity to distribute over the last 38 years

Graphics from film can also be produced on computer cutting equipment to ensure economic and consistent logo designs before being applied to the intended surface .

Therefore whether it is used as decorative or functional for instance, as a visual safety design on a glass door, it provides a fast and inexpensive alternative to sandblasting or etching.

Klingshield’s representative said the economy will improve over the next twelve months. Also, experts are predicting, following the increase in foreign investment in South Africa and the increase in the price of gold, that all industries will boom, including the window film market.

When people feel happier and are more prepared to spend, the first thing they want to do is brighten up their surroundings. The glass mate series is one of those products which do just that, at a reasonable cost.

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