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Non-Reflective Window Film

35% Non- Reflective Pressure Sensitive

Non-reflective 35% window film is the best selling automotive tint worldwide. The reason for this is that the consumer likes the colour and overall appearance and it has also been tested and passed as the legal automotive window film in most parts in the world. The darkish look makes cars look slick and fashionable. Most television commercials advertising cars utilise this 35 density film to create an impressionable look of the car.

Non-reflective 35 laminated to a clear safety film creates the product called “Smash & Grab”. Most smash and grab window films are 100 micron thick with a non reflective 35% tinted film laminated to it. It is also available in a 200 and 300 micron thick for security conscious consumers. This product continues to be the number one smash and grab window film product in the South African market. However, a high performance slightly metallised smash and grab window film is also available for consumers who particularly want a high performing window film when it comes to preventing large amounts of heat from entering the interior of a car.


smash and grab Klingshield


This 35% high performance film is slowly but surely working its way into the market place as consumers realise the necessity of reducing the use of air conditioners and saving energy. Vehicle manufacturers have made commitments worldwide to reduce the carbon footprint from vehicles due to the global warming.

Klingshield is currently marketing and promoting the new high performance window films for motor cars as it knows the features and benefits that the product offers.

35% non-reflective window films block out 66% of the visible light, substantially reducing glare and increasing comfort. These films also block out 97% of the ultra violet radiation, protecting fabrics, furnishings and the interior of cars from fading. However, new high performing 35% window films stop 99.5% of the ultra violet radiation, giving even better results.

Non reflective 35% light transmission films reject 36% of the total solar energy, reducing heat and air conditioning requirements. However, new high performance 35% films reject up to 50% of the total solar energy, making it a better heat rejection film.

Performance Data and Specifications for Non- Reflective 35% Window Films

  • Percentage of total solar energy transmitted 55%
  • Percentage of total solar energy reflected 7%
  • Percentage of total solar energy absorbed 38%
  • Percentage of visible light transmittance 35%
  • Percentage of visible light reflected 6%
  • Winter U value 1.15
  • Percentage of ultra violet light transmittance 3%
  • Shading co efficient .37
  • Total solar energy rejected 36%

The above product has been tested by an independent testing laboratory. See our section on “American Window Film testing methods”.

All Klingshield’s films have a scratch resistant coating and have been tested by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Should you require any other information on lighter or darker non reflective please contact us