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Sun-Gard Your Car

Sun-Gard Your Car
Keep your Car cool, Keep your Temper down

Have you been driving in your car lately and caught in a traffic jam in our hectic metropolitan city, with the hot sun beating down on you, making you uncomfortable and irritable and leaning towards road rage? Your engine starts to overheat and the inside of your car is like a furnace and your temper is even hotter!

How can we overcome this problem? Very simple - by having your car windows installed with Klingshield’s Smash & Grab solar safety window film on all side windows and Nano Ceramic windscreen on the front windscreen.

Most heat comes through the front windscreen and our Nano ceramic window film will eliminate 91% of the infra red (heat). Klingshield’s solar safety film on the side and back windows also reduces the heat build up in your car.
Glare can be cut by up to 65%, using a 35% visible light transmission film.

Sun Stopper

There are other added benefits :


The safety aspect of the window film is that it holds the glass together during an accident or a smash & grab attack, thereby reducing injuries from flying glass.

Sun’s harmful ultra violet rays

Ultra violet light is also a problem as this fades upholstery, seats and carpets. Plastic parts and leather eventually crack from the sun and protection is required in all vehicles from the damaging rays of the sun.

The aesthetics of cars are also improved by the application of the shaded film . The car looks slick after installation of the solar safety smash and grab Sun-Gard film.

All installations are done at Klingshield’s car fitment centre, which offers a clean room environment, resulting in a bubble free, dust free application. No special maintenance is required on the Sun-Gard film as it has a scratch resistant surface which keeps it looking good for years.

These Sun-Gard films for your car usually come in a clear, 70%, 50% or 35% density. Solar safety smash and grab window films is a number one aftermarket product for car dealers in South Africa due to the safety qualities. South Africa being the crime capital of the world and Johannesburg being the crime capital of South Africa, smash and grab solar safety film is a must and over the past 40 years, has saved numerous lives and prevented injuries in smash and grab attacks.

For further information call us on 011 640-5053 to have a chat with one of our consultants.


Sun Stopper