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Bronze Translucent Film

Bronze Translucent Matte Film

Bronze translucent window film is similar to white translucent or sandblast film. However, it has a bronze tint laminated to the white translucent, creating a bronze translucent film. This window film product is utilised by architects and decorators in partitions where colour co-ordination is required in offices and factories, also in areas where total privacy is required. A maximum amount of light is still allowed through these films.

This film can be hand cut to create designs on exterior windows where a subtle laid back design is required and is utilised on bank windows.
The film has an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive which reduces the danger of flying glass and turns ordinary glass into shatter resistant glass.

Specifications for bronze translucent film :

  • Heat reduction 39%
  • Glare reduction 64%
  • Ultra violet rejection 85%
  • Shading co-efficient .69
  • Light transmitted 50%
  • U Value 1.19

This film can be applied to clear float glass, laminated, tinted float glass, toughened or wired glass. However, on wire glass samples must be applied to ensure that the film adheres to the smooth surface of wire glass. Sometimes glaziers install wire glass with the rough surface on the inside. This film will not adhere to rough surfaces of wire glass.

Bronze translucent film has a seven year interior application warranty and is not recommended for exterior applications.

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