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Car Sunroof Tinting

Vehicle Sunroofs also known as Moonroofs 

A sunroof or moonroof in a vehicle is usually a movable glass panel that operates to uncover an area of the roof by creating an opening.  This opening allows in fresh air, daylight, lots of the sun’s heat, glare and ultra violet light, as well as giving you the opportunity to look at the beautiful night sky during your evening drive.

These sunroofs are either electrically driven or manually operated and come in various sizes, shapes and styles.  Enthusiastic car buyers normally want all the “bells and whistles” when buying fancy cars, including sunroofs. However, they do not realise the disadvantages associated with automotive sunroofs.

Tint a Car

Sunroofs came into being in the 1930’s and were installed on to the top of the range sedans, the likes of Bentley, Rolls Royce and Daimler.  These were normally engineered and installed by coach builders.
Some years later, car manufacturers started fitting them as standard options and after market installers started popping up as they became very popular in the 60’s and 70’s.  

Most sunroofs or moonroofs are either clear or tinted black.  However, these stylish additions to vehicles have some very, very distinct disadvantages.  

  • During summer months in South Africa the sun streams through them or absorbs the heat if tinted black and radiates it directly into the vehicle, skyrocketing the temperature inside the cabin .
  • Klingshield has experienced hundreds of car owners with sunroofs complaining about being burnt up by the direct sun blazing through their sunroofs.

A solution to this problem is very simple- Install highly reflective Klingshield’s Sun Control Window Film on to the inside of the sunroof which reflects up to 90% of the sun’s heat, 88% of the blazing glare and 100% of the dangerous ultra violet light.


This exercise will now turn your sunroofs into a practical, problem free option. When it gets hot during the day, one can close it and feel as cool as a cucumber.  In the evenings one can open it, allowing fresh air in and have a view of the beautiful South African starlight.

Another important advantage is Klingshield will turn the sunroof into a shatterproof glass, as well as strengthen the roof structure of the vehicle.
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