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Climate control with Klingshield

Klingshield’s window film for safety and climate control

In an effort to produce light, airy working and living conditions most modern offices, homes, shopping centres and factories are all designed with large expanses of glass.

This is particularly applicable to commercial and industrial premises, where even internal walls are sometimes glass. This makes personnel particularly vulnernable to the effects of smashed glass and to the vicissitudes of climate. Protection against both these glass related problems can be provided by applying a self adhesive Klingshield polyester film directly to the inside of the glass. Once applied with Klingshield’s solar safety film, glass is rendered safe and in case of a riot attack, bomb blast or civil unrest, the glass will remain intact and reduce injuries to personnel.

The Klingshield solar control window film also acts as an insulator against intense heat and cold. In the summer Klingshield’s solar film reduces heat passing through glass by as much as 91%. Choosing the correct film can also stop 88% of the dazzling glare which creates unpleasantness, eye strain and headaches.

In the winter it prevents heat loss and maintains a constant internal temperature. This means that heating and cooling systems can work at 26% greater efficiency and that heating and cooling bills can be cut accordingly. This is very important in the “going green” initiative which the Government of South Africa has made a commitment to.

When comparing the cost of installing solar safety glass or Klingshield’s films, savings of up to 80% can be made. In addition there is a little disruption of working space and no glass will be broken out.

Another advantage of Klingshield’s range of films is that they are deterrents to would be burglars. When a window has been treated with Klingshield’s triple layer safety film and is attacked, the burglar is unable to penetrate it without a great deal of noise. In fact recent demonstrations throughout the country show that it needs several blows before one penetrates the treated glass. Thus there is an element of surprise as well as a degree of built in burglarproofing.

Store owners and home owners are utilising the triple thick safety film in reflective colours to restrict people from seeing into their homes and also at the same time, the film offers a barrier against smash and grab attacks.


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