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Answer to Safety in Glass

The Simple Answer to Safety in Glass

Glass being one of the most beautiful and versatile building materials can also be dangerous under various situations. The jagged edges of glass can be one of the greatest dangers in the event of an accident, attack or explosion.

Safety film was developed in the early 1970’s as the British government required a protective device to lessen injuries sustained in terrorist bombings. Shock waves caused by such bombs shatter windows in large areas, causing thousands of jagged pieces of glass to fly in a deadly fashion creating injury to humans, loss of life and substantial property damage.


Stand A Chance


Safety film is manufactured from a multi layer of tough durable polyester laminates in different forms of construction. A powerful adhesive formula is applied to the one side which attaches to the glass, whilst the room facing side is protected with a scratch resistant coating to reduce wear and tear.

Safety film is used to hold glass together in bomb blasts, protection against natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and windstorms. Klingshield’s safety film also provides protection during industrial explosions and crime such as forced entry, vandalism, looting, rioting, burglaries and smash and grab attacks.

Safety film applied to glass also offers protection against accidental glass breakage or from children or adults accidentally walking into glass doors and windows, or by thrown objects.


Front WIndow Safety


It is reported in the USA that glass injuries exceed 200 000 per year. Bomb explosions throughout the world have been killing and maiming many people and causing severe damage from shattered windows and shopfronts in areas and many injuries resulted from sharp edged fragments of flying glass. These disasters emphasise the importance of ensuring that all possible measures of safety and security are taken.

A simple and relatively inexpensive way to ensure greater safety and to protect areas of glass comes in the form of an adhesive film available in South Africa through Klingshield. Safety window films have been used to cover windows in the Carlton Centre Johannesburg and other notable buildings owned by Anglo American.


Safety Film


The Standard Bank, First National Bank and leading stores have seen and witnessed actual bomb blast results after an explosion. In the Carlton Centre untreated shop windows were completely wrecked, but the centre’s information booth, where the film was applied, was virtually undamaged by the explosion. Similarly in a blast at AECI explosive factory in Modderfontein, untreated windows in the men’s hostel 50 metres away were blown out, while windows which had been treated with Klingshield protective film remained intact.

For further information on the simple answer to safety in glass and the amazing degree of protection Klingshield safety film offers, please view our website page on Safety Film.


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