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Glass Signage

Signage by Klingshield

We design, manufacture and install custom made signs and signage for your business. Please provide us with your details below.

Glass Signage 1

Glass Signage 2

Design Signage Utilizing Glass

The manufacture of glass sign is “in our blood” as we developed this unique process of custom made glass signs over many years of research and development.

Klingshield offers a professional advisory service on design, layout, and creativity to create the attention grabbing powerful medium known as glass signage


Glass has many functions and is now exclusively used in signage by Klingshield because of its aesthetic brilliance, light, clarity, versatility and strength. Glass can be cut in varied styles, sizes, types and thicknesses.


Glass can be manufactured in various forms:

  • Monolithic glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Glass with safety window film applied to glass

Monolithical glass is engineered and manufactured through a floating process utilizing natural products and chemistry.

In addition to the frosting of glass for signage, Klingshield designs magnificent signs with a combination of thick glass and hand cut perspex lettering.

We utilize stainless steel fittings to attach the glass signs to whatever surface is available.

This process requires expertise, creativity, technical skills, boldness and imagination.

Our signage can be admired for quality and effective design and can add an exciting ambiance to any area.

For more information contact Leon or Brian at Klingshield's Digital Marketing Department on (011) 640-5053



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