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Klingshield Film Privacy

Window Film Privacy    


Most people are naturally inquisitive. Prying eyes can offend by invading your privacy. Occasionally prying eyes deliberately seek to steal information. Most privacy screens also cut out light and the feeling of spaciousness offered by glass panels.

Klingshield’s range of privacy films offer a choice of either translucent/opaque types or daylight reflective films. All films offer good visible light transmittance.
Gain Privacy with the help of Klingshield Window Film
The opaque matte films (translucent) work by scattering or diffusing the light.Objects appear very blurred and ill defined behind such films.
It is important to ensure, however, that a significant distance exists between the Applied film and the object. This should be at least 30cm. When strong lighting is present further away from the applied film than the object, then a minimum distance should be 60cm.
There are three matte translucent films – white, bronze and silver reflective. The white and bronze films lend to the colour of the glass. The silver reflective translucent film not only gives you a mirror appearance, but also provides solar control benefits. Distance between film and objects, see above, are approximately halved for this film.
Reflective films work on a daylight privacy basis. Viewing through this film is effective from the lower light level side of the film. This means when such film is applied to films facing outside people can see out of the room during normal daylight, whilst people outside cannot see in easily. This effect is reversed at night so that it is easier to see into the room than out of it. A ratio of 6 – 1 is a good guide to relative lighting levels required to make these films daytime privacy indoors.
These films come in reflective silver, gray, blue, bronze, gold and green.
N.B. Our new blackout film offers totally privacy effects.
Patterned films may be used alone in any sequence (vertical, slanted or horizontal), offering surprising and amazing effects.
A variety of new and dynamic macro patterns will emerge when you overlap two layers on top of each other.
Different films, stripes and squares and a solid frost can be joined with invisible splices for amazing effects. Patterned films may be back with our non reflective colour films, also to offer frosted colour films for decorators and designers.
The four basic colours red, yellow, blue and green can be used alone or in combination to create various variations.
Reflective films can add a reflective sparkle to logos or be installed behind colour films to increase colour intensity. Creative experimentation will produce surprising and appealing results.

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