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Klingshield For Offices

Office Window Tinting & Protection 


Window Protection for Offices

Excessive heat passes and is absorbed through the windows, making offices and factories hot and uncomfortable and inadvertently lowering staff’s working efficiency, thereby decreasing productivity as well as increasing air conditioning costs.
Our company markets a solar safety window film which rejects up to 89% of the sun’s heat and glare. This film is highly effective in making working conditions more acceptable and comfortable by reducing temperatures by up to 60%. Glare on office computers monitors is also greatly reduced and the film will also hold the glass together when broken, turning the ordinary glass into safety glass. In today’s world we are utilising more glass than ever before, but glass windows are notorious energy wasters. 
Klingshield is a retro-fit product installed directly onto the interior side of the glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shaded areas and it deflects harsh incoming glare, reducing eye strain that is common while doing paper work and viewing computer screens.
Klingshield Office Windows
From the inside Klingshield has a pleasant look and distortion free view and from the outside it has a uniform appearance and compliments the design of any office or factory. Klingshield has a wide range to suit all situations related to heat and glare problems. 

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Office Window Film Tests

A positive reduction of over 60% in internal heat gain, resulting from Klingshield solar protective films has now been confirmed by the Town Clerk of Dundee, KwaZulu Natal. A series of tests were carried out by the Municipality during April, June and July 1997 in two identically sized and situated rooms. One room had windows fitted with Klingshield film, the other did not. Highly accurate, calibrated Barigo Maxima thermometers were permanently sited in each room, 230mm from the glazing.
The official Municipal report, now available for public scrutiny, records two tests. The first shows an average daytime temperature difference between the two rooms of 61,54% (26 deg C : 42 deg C), the second a 62,50% (24 deg C : 39 deg C). In its conclusion the report also indicates that during the hottest summer months Klingshield was even more effective as a thermal barrier. See full report under Specifications.

Klingshield Office Tests


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