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Silver Reflective Window Film

Silver Reflective Scratch Resistant Window Film

Silver 20 is the most widely used window film product in the world. The reason for this is because it reflects more heat than any other film and has an excellent solar rejection of 79%.

Klingshield’s Silver 20 comes in a pressure sensitive adhesion which offers excellent safety qualities as well as sun control qualities. The pressure sensitive adhesion holds glass together should the windows shatter.

Another reason why Klingshield only uses Silver 20 pressure sensitive film is because the finish is far better than other competitors’ dry adhesion. Silver 20 blocks 85% of the visible light, reducing glare and enhancing comfort in offices and homes. Klingshield’s Silver 20 cuts over 99% of the ultra violet radiation, protecting valuable fabrics and furnishings from sun damage and fading.

This product is very popular in homes with bad heat problems on north and west facing windows, or in attic rooms which usually suffer from heat build up. Once applied, the film has a light blue tint when looking from the inside out. From the exterior one has a mirror appearance during the daytime, which offers privacy.

Silver 20 has the longest life expectancy of most films as it is manufactured with aluminium coating which does not fade or change colour. Silver 20 reflective also increases the performance of coloured glass and is designed for areas with severe heat and glare problems, such as computer rooms, boardrooms, etc.

With its excellent fade reduction and tough scratch resistant surface, Silver 20 can be applied to clear, float or laminated glass, tinted float glass, toughened and wired glass.

Product Performance Data for Silver 20 Reflective Window Film:

  • Total solar energy transmitted 12%
  • Total solar energy reflectance 55%
  • Total solar energy absorption 33%
  • Visible light transmitted 15%
  • Visible light reflected 60%
  • Winter UV value 1.04
  • Ultra violet transmission Less than 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .24
  • Total solar energy rejected 79%

Should you require further information on Silver 20 reflective, please do not hesitate to phone our Customer Service call centre on 011 640 5053

Silver Reflective

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