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Energy Saving Window Film


Concern over Escom’s tariff hike. Are your profits flying out the window?

Hard Fact – Every day your unprotected glass areas are costing your company money. 

Guaranteed Savings – Klingshield’s solar energy saving films is guaranteed to reduce your airconditioning bills in summer and keep your workplace cool.

In winter it reduces your heating bills. It also has the added attraction of being far cheaper than any tinted or reflective film or any other shading device.

Klingshield’s energy saving film creates a pleasant work environment, free from glare and heat – plus the added bonus of increased productivity from your staff.

Stop your profits from flying out the window !


Other benefits

  • All Klingshield window film is manufactured with quality and pride in the U.S.A.
  • Up to date colours and shades match the latest factory tints, add a stylish and sophisticated look to your car
  • Colours will stay sharp and crisp
  • Superior optical clarity improves visibility while reducing daytime glare
  • New ceramic films provide superior heat rejection to keep you cooler and reduce the strain on your airconditioner
  • Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays, protecting you and your property
  • Turns ordinary glass into safety shatterproof glass in the event of an accident or attempted robbery
  • Backed by the strongest warranty in the business !




Simple cost effective energy saving films beats the heat and the glare from the sun. Did you realize that the heat available from the sun will be transmitted through your windows

The heat flow in a building, home or car will produce a “greenhouse” effect – becoming considerably hotter inside than out.

This heating effect, together with the sun’s glare combined, produces an unwelcoming side effect in day to day living conditions. Headaches, eye strains, lethargy, irritability and absenteeism all add up to poor staff morals and a drop in productivity.

Also, if you cool your building by installing Klingshield’s energy saving reflective films, you will not have to pump out the heat entering through the glass, which is a costly exercise. 



We all spend money and time curtaining our windows and blinding our windows against the elements, but the time has come to fill a solution to climate control which is in line with modern ideas of energy conservation and going green. Klingshield’s new high performance energy saving films is now available on the South African market and it does just that.

It is well known that blinds and curtains absorb heat and radiate it back into the room, while also cutting out the light and the view. In addition, they allow heat to escape in winter, thus your heating appliances have to be turned up in an effort to create a warm climate inside your home, office and car. This naturally increases your electricity bill and also your airconditioning costs in summer.

Energy saving film will insulate your home, office and car by controlling the entry and exit of warmth through the window. 

It is a thin but tough laminate which is applied to the inside of your window with special self adhesive.
This results in a film bonding to the glass to leave one’s vision unimpaired. You can see out but prying eyes cannot see in.

The film is applied quickly by trained applicators with a minimum of inconvenience as a house or a suite of offices can be serviced in less than a day.

Once the film is applied, up to 91% of the infra red rays are cut which reduces the heat and glare. Protection from the ultra violet is also provided from the film which reflects up to 99% of the harmful rays out of the room, which means the fade factor is virtually eliminated.