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Gold 15 Reflective Window Film

Gold 15 Reflective Pressure Sensitive Scratch Resistant Window Film

Gold 15 reflective film has not been very popular over the years. One would think that it would be more popular in Johannesburg, which is known as the “Golden City” or “Egoli” !

Gold reflective film has only been used by architects where aesthetics are required in the design of a building as well as heat and glare reduction. Occasionally some eccentric home owners will go for a gold to match up with their décor and exterior look of their property.

Manufacturers utilise tinted yellow film laminated to silver to engineer this final product called “Gold 15 Reflective”.
Gold 15 reflective film blocks out 85% of visible light, eliminating almost all glare. It also blocks 99% of the sun’s ultra violet radiation, protecting one’s office fabrics and furnishings.

Gold 15 reflective film rejects 79% of the heat and has a special architectural effect when viewed from both the inside and outside. From the outside you have a gold reflective finish. However, from the inside it has a yellowish tint.
Gold 15 reflective pressure sensitive scratch resistant window film performance data

  • Total solar energy transmitted 12%
  • Total solar energy remittance 50%
  • Total solar energy absorbed 38%
  • Visible light transmitted 15%
  • Visible light reflectance 50%
  • Winter U value 1.04
  • Ultra violet transmittance less than 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .25
  • Total solar energy rejected 78%

Gold 15 reflective film comes with a tough scratch resistant coating for easy cleaning and is excellent against wear and tear.
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